Part Bardot blonde, part refined siren, Penelope is a romantic bombshell and sparkling conversationalist, the secret girlfriend who always nails the dress code but isn’t afraid to cut loose and show you her playful side. 


Discerning minds will recognise a kindred spirit in Penelope. She likes her liquor top shelf, her standards high and her manners impeccable. No ordinary first date, Penelope is exuberant but considerate. As such, she’s seeking gentlemen who know the grass isn’t always greener - those classic-minded souls who appreciate the greatest pleasures are often found right here, right now. 


Tactful to a fault, Penelope prides herself on her sensuous and attentive companionship. Because glamour doesn’t shout, it whispers, and discretion is always in style. 



Originally from Australia, I now reside in the very north of the United Kingdom. While this laidback pace suits me just fine, I’m irresistibly drawn to the cosmopolitan buzz of big cities to which I tour too. A low-lit martini bar, a Soho dining club and a room with a view? Sign me up. 


Educated at a variety of serious-minded institutions, I love to chat about everything from current affairs to your wildest fantasies. Longer dates are my forte but if you’re shy on time, we can get imaginative with the hours you have at your disposal.  

Passion makes the world go round and I’ve travelled the globe in pursuit of it. Frequently found touring New York, Paris and London, I’m an open-minded and easy-going travel partner who’s ready to be whisked away with a few days’ notice.  

The way I see it, pleasure doesn’t need to be complicated. Laughter, great conversation and a naughty rendez-vous at your chosen location. What more could we want?

You never know what’s around the corner, so don’t save the best for last. The time is now. Pop open the bubbly. Consult your diary. Drop me a line.




AGE: 32


BUST: Natural 34E

HAIR: Long Blonde

MEASUREMENTS: Curvy, coke bottle frame, small 32" waist, shapely 44" hips, 34E bust

EYES: Green

STYLE: Feminine

TATTOOS: 2 small discreet ones

SIGN: Gemini

TIPPLE OF CHOICE: Gin Cocktails or San Pelegrino

FAVOURITE CITY: London, NYC, Hong Kong, Paris

FLOWERS: Roses & Peonies

FRAGRANCE: Twilly D'Hermes & La Vie Est Belle 

FAVOURITE LINGERIE: Agent Provocateur, Edge of Beyond, Myla

HOBBIES: Photography, the day spa, distance swimming, candlelit anything, travel.

BEST TRAITS: Being a good friend, loyalty, empathetic and compassionate, I also have a next level death stare.

BEST ASSETS: Hips, Rack, Booty.

'The contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings'

                                - Plato