2020 so far has been disappointing to say the least.

Personally, all my travel plans, goals and holidays (Like yours Im sure) were cancelled and thrown far far out the window.

If you know me, you know I travel A LOT. 

I miss the rush, the bustle and uninhibited freedom jumping on a plane and flying away gives me.

Fear not, I keep a close and watchful eye on all things Border Related, and the moment a couple of my favourite destinations open for travel, Ill be straight on the Plane!



(January 12th - 15th click HERE)




USA 🇺🇸


Im open to travelling to new different cities once lockdown is lifted.

To guarantee  I will be coming to your city, a sponsored tour may be the best option, if not, wait and see if your city will be listed next!

If you are a trusted regular client (Australians Im looking at you) flick me a message to arrange deposit and Ill add your city to my next tour.


A sponsored tour is a great way to book me to fly to your city, and exclusively see you, on your preferred date and time, without the fuss.

I get asked a lot “when will you tour - insert city“, well now is your chance.

It also means you get a reduced travel rate to fly/train me to you, and I plan my tour around our arrangement.

- Book a 4 hour minimum appointment (Europe) or Overnight / 24 Hour (Outside Europe)

- Travel Fee of only 250 for Europe, 800 USD for Elsewhere

- 1 night suitable 4-5 star accommodation or 2 nights  if flying more than 5 hours.

How does this help me? It means I can comfortably tour your city without risk, and place you at the forefront of my plans. Win Win for both of us.


Want to spend more quality time with me? A weekend away or a couple of days getting to know one another on a deeper level?  Have a look at my International rates HERE